Sidemount AVENGER 16 Set

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Perfect setup for the recreational sidemount (SM) diver and the hardcore cave diver.

Tecline's Side 16 Avenger is improved over the classic "bat wing" style system preferred by many SM divers for its superior trim and slimming.

The bag and harness form a single integrated set that includes four built-in weight pockets.

Considered one of the sets SM easiest to set up and adjust on the market, shoulder straps, waist belt and crotch strap can be adjusted separately. The direct adjustments also make it the ideal SM set for educational purposes.

Side 16 Avenger features:

16 side wing with 16 kg lift capacity and an extremely strong back / top panel.

Softer, cleaner harness in DIR style.

Integrated weight system with four pockets (for 10 kg of weight in total), distributing the weight on the back of the diver to allow a ideal trim position.

These pockets are also positioned slightly outwards to provide a lower, slimmer profile.

Also included are two 2kg trim pouches (for an additional 4kg weight if needed).

A weight is possible total of 19 kg when using two 4.5 kg trim pockets (additional) instead of the 2 kg trim pockets (included).

The butt pad is attached, included in the set but can be removed if necessary.

40 cm corrugated tube that can be attached to both sides of the BC (a 50cm corrugated tube is included for taller divers or as a spare).

2 exhaust valves located at the bottom of the wing, protected under the back panel, and on the side opposite the inflator.

A lightweight, heavy duty cylinder bracket with elastic is included on the rear crotch strap.

Lots of bungee.

Put trim pockets on belt waist can also help dry suit divers maintain perfect buoyancy by having the most ver extra weight The lower part of the body.

There is a strategically located and protected rear exhaust valve in the lower back of the bag, for easy exhaust of the gas both in horizontal position and upside down.

The low profile of the bladder reduces resistance and the risk of getting stuck in the restraints.

The inflator can be placed either left or right.

Attach the accessories to the included butt pad as required.

The professional set is made of high quality Cordura with a weight of 2000 Denier reinforced with Kevlar, with a displacement of buoyancy bag and pockets 16 kg of ballast accommodated up to 16 kg of ballast

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