Nuotare con le orche assieme gli amici di Northern Explorer

Swim with Orca Whales with Northern Explorer

If you think that going in Northern Norway in January is a bad idea... THINK AGAIN!!!!

It could be one of the most unbelievable experience of your life!!!

Amazing scenery, incredibles Northern Light, Unforgettable encounters

If you are interested, just check Northern Explorers for more informations, it's so easy to make your dream come true, with friendly and highly professional crew and guide like Sven, Anja, Mattie and Captain Tom.



You could even jump in the water with those fascinating animals, of course your are jumping in the water above the artic circle, but hey! a good drysuit and everything is just fine.

And even if the hours of daylights at this time of the year are not so many, you can see a wonderful pallet of colours and also the Auroras!!!!



Great memories are just a Click away, feel free to ask for more informations!