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Solid color. High resolution. AMOLED

Intuitive controls and navigation menus along with a bright, vibrant color display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric offers divers a watch and a dive computer of unprecedented capacity.

Multiple dive modes

NEW! Freedive

Configurable tactile and acoustic alarms for time and depth.
Can be disabled
Configurable sampling frequencies
Improved ascent and descent rate indicators

recreational OC

(99% Nitrox)

OC Technical

(Trimix enabled)


(Fixed PPO2)


Simple and powerful

Air Integrated optional

The Teric can connect with up to 2 transmitters

Full color, high resolution. AMOLED

1.39" display with deep blacks and vibrant colors

Robust construction

Sapphire crystal dial and 316 stainless steel bezel and pushers

Equally comfortable 100 meters underwater and in the corporate meeting room

Several quadrants

Every style and occasion will find the right watch face

Configurable colors to match your style

15 color options available

Programmable timers, alarms and stopwatch

Different strap colors available from Shearwater

All Teric are equipped with a black strap. Standard 22mm strap compatible with many third party watch brand suppliers.

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