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(Required for SUP in Switzerland over 300 m from the shore)

Jacket CE certified life jacket from RESTUBE

The EC certified swimming aid from RESTUBE.

Pdf from RESTUBE is a certified life jacket class 50N (DIN EN ISO 12402-5).

Provides effective buoyancy of 75 N after manual activation when worn directly on the body.

Pfd from RESTUBE is mainly used for small boats and for stand-up paddling if local regulations require it.

Please check local regulations.

For example in Switzerland and on Lake Constance it is necessary to wear a certified pfd as soon as you are 300m away from the coast.

It's reusableby screwing in a new cartridge of original 16 g CO2 and is very easy to repack.

Smallest and lightest CE certified swimming aid (class 50N)
Effective buoyancy 75N
Buoyancy shape: square with neck belt
Up to 50 releases
Inflatable also with mouth valve
Inflates in seconds after pulling the trigger
Easy to repack
CE conformity according to DIN EN ISO 12402- 5 / DIN EN ISO 12402-6
From 40 kg body weight
Robust material
Including belt (120 x 3.8 cm) and crotch strap
Connector for SUP safety leash

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