Silicone Grease

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The silicone grease lubricates and conditions Rubber products such as o-rings and other regulating and valve systems

Rubber, metal and plastic parts can wear out and dry out when not careful.

So be sure to protect and condition the o-rings, valve systems and regulator components on all of your diving equipment with McNett's silicone grease.

You'll find many uses for this handy silicone lubricant and long lasting, specially formulated to permeate rubber surfaces.

Try it on underwater camera seals, waterproof underwater lights, pressure systems, pipe fittings, anything you want to protect against moisture and degradation.

Give your o-rings and other rubber, plastic and metal parts the attention they deserve.

Use silicone grease and McNett's to prevent cracking and dryness for better sealing and longer life.

100% pure special silicone grease

Lubricates and conditions rubber products, O-rings , regulator, valve components, self-contained breathing apparatus, BCDs, hoses, pressure systems, cameras and more

Ideal for lubricating moving metal parts

It permeates the surface of materials for complete lubrication

Preserves rubber, plastic and metal

Reduces damage caused by adhesion or exposure to the elements

Superior resistance to oxidation and water repellency

Remains flexible even after prolonged use

Non-flammable and non-toxic formula

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