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Lower the hatches!

Rising from the ocean, the monstrous Kraken's tentacles are about to attack your faithful ship! Gather your crew of little buccaneers and use your pirate powers to fend off this terrifying onslaught with sabers, pistols and cannons!

How to play:

Kraken Attack is a cooperative game focused on coordinating your actions to defend your ship from attack from all sides: both port and starboard, bow to stern!

Use your sabers and pistols to fend off the nearest tentacles and your cannons for the furthest ones.

Hurry up and fix the broken railings or you'll sink to the bottom of Davy Jones' chest!

Use your special powers wisely to protect your ship.

But beware - these pirates love to make funny faces at the Kraken and drive him crazy! And when he's furious enough, he'll emerge from the sea for an epic final battle!

Actively collaborate, juggle your priorities and repel the Kraken's onslaught in this game where you can choose your own difficulty level.

Age: 7+

Number of players: 1-4

Duration of a match: 25 '

Inside the box:

1 ship board

1 Kraken localization table

1 Kraken figurine

4 pirate tokens

8 tentacle figurines

8 Railings of the ship

6 Kraken dice

40 action cards + 4 player aid cards

4 hole tokens

3 Kraken Attack tokens

4 Whirlpool tokens

1 Rules

Warning: Small parts

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