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This half liter stainless steel insulated bottle with double wall structure will be perfect for your daily outings, keeping your favorite beverage at the ideal temperature for hours! Having an odorless and airtight cap, you can throw it in the car on your way to work, take it with you on excursions, or put it in your bag and let it move freely.

!! This product is part of the MADE ON DEMAND collection, so embroidery or printing are done at the time of purchase. Allow 5-7 days for production plus shipping time !!

• Made of high quality stainless steel

• 500 ml (17 oz)

• Dimensions: 27cm × 7cm (10.5 "× 2.85")

• Thermos

• Double-skinned structure

• Shaped like a bowling pin

• Odorless and airtight cap

• Insulating and suitable for containing hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 hours )

• Patented ORCA coating for vibrant colors

Hand wash only (washing in the dishwasher is not recommended due to the vacuum seal)

• Neutral product from the United States

Disclaimer: Keeping water in the bottle for more than 24 hours is unhygienic and can cause an unpleasant odor.

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