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HONU - the magnificent turtle! Carved from woolly mammoth tusk

A creature we couldn't resist, so we included it in our nautical range.

The Mammoth Fang used for this piece is CERTIFIED 34,690 YEARS (+/- 815 years).

We had our mammoth material carbon dated to get an accurate measure of its age. The test was done for us by GNS Science, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute and New Zealand's leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research, so their assessment of this material is as accurate as possible using the radiocarbon dating technology.

Turtles have long played a role in mythology in many cultures:

in China they are a symbol of tenacity, longevity and power; in Japan he is the God of the seafarers and in North America the ancient belief is that the "Turtle of the World" carries the earth on his back!

In the South Pacific, the tortoise, or Honu, is a symbol of fertility, longevity and peace. Shell motifs are often seen in carvings and tattoos and are believed to represent family relationships and the concept of unity.

The sea turtle is also renowned for its navigation skills. They travel great distances and have an innate ability to find their way home.

These intricately hand-carved pieces are very special: if you like the ocean and appreciate the many creatures that live there, this little pendant is a great and eye-catching piece.

Please note that no two pieces are alike. Each piece is hand carved from natural mammoth tusk, so you are purchasing an original and unique pendant.

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