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The Whale - The ultimate FREE DIVER!

Medium whale can hold its breath for about 60 minutes, but some can stay down for over 2 hours with one breath!

These days we all need to stand there waiting for things to improve: this little guy will support you in the deeper waters and bring you to the light for some fresh air.

Hand sculpted by renowned New Zealand master carver Ross Crump, this is an exceptional piece both in execution, but also in the quality of the jade.

These are absolutely stunning: a deep and bright green color, translucent, delicate and very beautiful.

The koru design is an integral symbol in Maori art forms. The spiral is a Koru, representing the fern frond as it opens, bringing with it new life and purity - a new beginning.

It is a symbol of peace, tranquility and spirituality.

The koru is also associated with nourishment, so it is often used to represent the strength and purity of a loving relationship within a family.

The WHALE has a certain significance in Polynesian cultures.

In New Zealand whales are believed to be descendants of Tangaroa, the god of the oceans. They are considered sacred and supernatural beings and are believed to provide guidance and protection

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