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Designed for life in the water from diving and freediving to surface water sports, the Surface is made with certified sustainable natural rubber and recycled inner and outer liners.

The minimal design features a mini zipper on the chest, eliminating the need for a back zipper, radically improving mobility and minimizing the possibility of water entering the suit through the zipper teeth.

The suit's flexible rubber offers freedom of movement and the internal ankle and wrist seals ensure that the suit's thread is kept to a minimum.

Perfect for snorkeling and freediving, this suit is also suitable for other sports including stand up paddle and open water swimming thanks to the limitless nature of the design.

Using Yulex Pure ™ , a 100% plant-based alternative to neoprene , the surface is coated with recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

The seams have been stitched and bonded with water-based glue, offering the comfort of a suit designed to have minimal impact on the ocean.

What makes this product good for the ocean?

Yulex Pure ™ is an FSC® certified ultra pure natural rubber produced in the United States.

Plants are grown without artificial irrigation systems, and the materials are processed with recycled water.

The waste plant material after the rubber extraction process is also used as a biomass fuel for electricity generation.

The upholstery fabrics are created from ocean-going plastic bottles, recycled and spun into polyester yarn.

Water-based glues are used to bond foam to fabrics and every care is taken to minimize the environmental impact of this product.

Fabric and care

Yulex Pure ™ 100% natural rubber

Lining: 88% recycled polyester / 12% elastane

Wash the suit and zip by hand in fresh, clean water after each use.

Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

To avoid damage to the neoprene on the shoulders, do not dry the suit on a hanger.

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