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The upper part of the Arctic is designed with a long body part to ensure adequate overlap between the top and the pants. The thumb loops prevent the sleeves from lifting up during dressing. She remembers to remove them and put them back under the wrist seals. Slip the upper part into the waistband of your pants before putting on your drysuit to avoid any separation during the dive ..

The two layers of high insulation and low volume fabric Arctic guarantees exceptional levels of thermal protection.

Built with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design offers exceptional performance under the tightest neoprene drysuits.

In a layering system, the Arctic is also suitable for use under the membrane and trilaminate wetsuits.

Using a combination of fast-wicking fabrics with high insulation, the Arctic creates a microclimate around the underwater, keeping the body dry and warm.

A high-density inner fleece provides superior insulation, with maximum comfort and breathability, while the outer layer, which has a water-repellent finish, guarantees a snug fit.

Arctic requires less loft to work due to a more effective management of the air that is retained in the fibers of the suit. Instead of maximizing the thickness of the air layer close to the skin, the Arctic minimizes the movement of air within, reducing the cooling rate without any risk of trapping the air and preventing it from being released from the exhaust valve. .

The Arctic maintains its thermal performance great even when wet, so divers have found that it is possible to complete dives in relative comfort even after major wetsuit breakdowns watertight.

In some cases, divers did not notice a leak in a neck or wrist seal until after diving, such is the performance of the fourth element Arctic.

Backed by years of field testing by the Norwegian Navy, the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team, the French Marines and the Danish Navy, the Arctic has been designed using high-tech fabrics and has been tested in diving conditions royals from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Fabric and care

Exterior: 80% polyester / 17% nylon / 3% elastane
Lining: 100% polyester
Machine wash at 30 ° and hang to dry

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