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Designed to be easily carried, stowed in a pocket AND powerful enough to conduct extreme cave diving. . even at half power.

Yet simple enough for a recreational coral reef dive.

FLARE EXP is strong, reliable and affordable to become your ideal solution for your next primary light.


Available in handheld or E/O options

New cool gray blue light head color

2.5 hours of battery life in high mode and 5 hours in low mode (with 2.6 AmpH battery)

5 hours of battery life in high mode and 10 hours in low mode (with 5.2 AmpH battery)

11,500 lux at 1m (3ft) - 1,700lux at 3m (10ft) high power

Handheld weight with 2.6 AmpH battery: 0.57kg / 1.25lbs

Lightweight head with EO Weight: 0.43kg / 0.95lbs

Dimensions (laptop with 2.6 AmpH battery and adjustable handle): 18.4 cm (7.25 ") x 10 cm (4")

Packaged in a Voyager case

Charger included

Flare EXP comes standard with an adjustable handle.

Due to its size, this light is not compatible with a Goodman handle.

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