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Game in Italian

“All divers in the water!” shouts Captain Carcassa

Throw yourself 20,000 leagues under the sea, in search of wonderful treasures! Be careful of the thrill of the abyss, or you will return empty-handed!

How to play:

Turn over the cards and place them in the exploration area, one at a time

After revealing a card, immediately apply its effect. Then decide whether to continue or stop.

If you reveal a card already present in the exploration area, you will lose all the loot for the turn.

At the end of the deck, the highest card for each symbol that is part of your loot is counted as the score.

Age: 8+

Number of players: 2-4

Length of a match:25'

Inside the box:

60 Loot Cards

17 Diver Cards

6 Variant Cards

4 Help Cards

1 Regulation

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