Our friends from Northern Explorers , exploring the far north for over 20 years , have become experts in guiding our customers in the arctic regions, as remote as they are fascinating.

Whether it's your personal experience and recreation of body and soul, for photographic and film projects or as a support for science projects, in the polar regions the planning, experience and deployment of the team simply adapt and ensure safe and successful shipping.

We have the knowledge , the local contacts and we plan , we organize and we accompany individually each single adventure.

We offer organized tours where our experience, our flexibility and our commitment guarantee experience, reliability and safety as well as realize the wishes and ideas of our customers in the best possible way .

Especially when it comes to photo and film projects, eventful nature expeditions, arctic water diving and wildlife, we are the ones for you. We also support scientific projects and you can participate in "tour scouting" in which we explore areas that have been little visited and never immersed before.

Our client list includes National Geographic (USA), BBC, Disney +, Nautilus Film, ZDF, NDR / Doclights, Museum of Natural History New York, Greenpeace and some of the most famous wildlife / wildlife photographers.

With a network of local guides, as well as the crew at our head office in Norway, we can guarantee the best support both "in the field" and around the organization before shipping.

All tours are designed for small groups of five to ten: one-on-one and private experiences, way off the beaten track.


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