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Mini expansions “SHARK”, “RELIC HUNTER”, “GIANT SHELL” and exclusive custom kickstart dice included !!

Dive into the sparkling sea to recover exotic treasures from a seabed overflowing with pirate wrecks. Send your divers deep, but be careful; getting too close to other divers also allows them to get on the booty!

Collect lost loot and beached balls to assemble museum exhibits and build mind-blowing aquariums ... but don't forget to keep the best pieces for your personal collection!

Wreck Raiders is an innovative worker positioning system for dice fishing.

Choose a die from the supply, then send one of your divers anywhere on the board with that number. But beware: the spot you choose will help any diver in the spots next to you, whether it's friendly or not.

Will you risk letting a rival into your loot to get that treasure you want, or will you be able to find a way to get some extra loot?

Display your treasures to build museum exhibits or send them to the vault for huge scoring opportunities ...

Don't forget to visit the nearby beach to collect washed balls and spend them on building awesome aquariums.

(All sea creatures are ethically treated and released into nature; plus, they are cardboard tiles). When the game is over, you will earn coins for your exhibits, your vault and your aquariums. The player with the most coins wins!

1-5 players

45 'of time

8+ recommended age

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