SCUBA FUNDAMENTAL: Come avvicinarsi alla subacquea nel modo giusto (ITALIAN VERSION)

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If you've never tried diving but are thinking about starting , then “Scuba Fundamental - how to approach scuba diving in the right way” is the book for you. It will accompany you from the initial steps up to your first twenty dives.

This is not the classic diving manual. It is very different. Scuba Fundamental's goal is not to teach you to dive. An instructor will do that. But this text will make the process easier. It will help you make the right choices and avoid the most common mistakes that often happen to those who begin to approach this sport. It will also set you on the right path to becoming a competent and capable diver.

Scuba Fundamental will advise you on how to prepare for a course and what a good beginner course should encompass. It will help you in choosing a good instructor, a good operator to dive with once you finish the lessons and what kind of dives you should do in the beginning.

You will learn how diving can change your life and you will get valuable advice on behaviors to maintain in this sport. By reading the book, but especially the chapter "It happened to me" you will have fun, learn and be encouraged through the anecdotes of people who are now expert divers but who, like you, were once beginners.

There is also an entire section devoted to safety, much of which covers vital aspects of diving that standard manuals often overlook or do not emphasize enough.

The message of the book is: get started dive right and you will be relaxed and ready to take on your next adventures. You will have more fun, you will make fewer mistakes and you will be sure that you are well informed, that you have made the best choices and that you have spent your money wisely.

Scuba Fundamental is an essential, unique and reliable guide: a text that you can trust completely and that you can follow during this formative phase of your diving career.

“Creating a book suitable for future divers is a challenge full of difficulties, as I have discovered. You have to be honest and engaging but not get too complicated and risk scaring them. Simon Pridmore is a great diver and a great writer, and I think he has finally solved the problem with Scuba Fundamental. " Steve Weinmann - Editor of Diver Magazine (UK)

" I would have wanted to have this book to read when I started diving. I remember being very confused. " Robin Yao, Executive Editor, EZDIVE Magazine

" This is the book divers should give their friends when they tell them they would like to learn how to diving." Ian Thomas, Author and Scuba Instructor Trainer

“Simon's new book, Scuba Fundamental - Getting Started Right, is a detailed, thoughtful, serious safety guide for new divers and it is also very, very fun. Simon's anecdotes will make old divers laugh to tears, while promising new years of fun. Be careful and love scuba diving. " Judi Lowe, Instructor, PhD student and promoter of sustainable underwater tourism at thedivetourist

The author

Simon Pridmore is the author of the best-selling book Scuba Confidential - How to become a better diver . He is also co-author of a growing series of dive and snorkel guides from the Indonesian area. He has written hundreds of articles and chapters relating to diving training and diving trips for magazines and regularly lectures around the world. Today Simon lives, writes and dives in Bali.

222 pages

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