SCUBA CONFIDENTIAL: Come diventare un subacqueo migliore (ITALIAN VERSION)

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SCUBA CONFIDENTIAL: Come diventare un subacqueo migliore (ITALIAN VERSION)

Scuba Confidential is a rich collection of targeted tips and advice, which gives you access to some of the secrets of technical divers and professionals of the trade. With Scuba Confidential , you will learn the techniques that will allow you to be a better, more confident and more safety conscious diver.

The text offers a well-balanced overview of some of the most controversial topics in diving such as solo diving, deep diving and rebreather; it also includes an accurate analysis of how accidents develop and what to do to avoid becoming part of these statistics.

The book also covers another wide range of topics such as participating in diving courses, how to make sure you buy the right equipment, what to consider when choosing your new instructor, common mistakes made even by professionals or, again, what are the best places to visit for a diver.

Scuba Confidential is a sincere collection of practical and non-practical advice from a professional who has made this work his business for the last 30 years and who it interfaces with virtually every aspect of the sport.

"If the PADI Open Water Manual is the bible of diving, consider this text the New Testament." David Espinosa, Chief Editor, Sport Diver Magazine

“What a compelling book! I have been an instructor for decades and this text will be an excellent addition to the teaching manuals I currently use. " Evelyn Bartram Dudas NAUI # 8672

"Through the use of real cases, Simon uses the point of view of a black-box, to highlight how to avoid some of the most common mistakes of the diving community. By doing so he provides excellent suggestions on topics that are important to all divers and that are not easy to find in other publications. " Terry Cummins OMA

"Simon Pridmore's book" Scuba Confidential - How to Become a Better Diver "is a read that should be done by every diver, regardless of experience level, whose mind is able to grasp the message between the lines that is, "Learning to dive is easy, but becoming a good diver is difficult." David Strike, organizer of OzTeK

The author

The author, Simon Pridmore , has worked in the field of diving as a guide, divemaster, instructor, trainer and trainer instructor. He was one of the pioneers of technical diving in Asia and, over the years, has owned a diving center, carried out regional education and was responsible for sales for an industry that produces dive computers and rebreather. He has organized diving trips around the world, written articles for specialized magazines and lectured on four continents.

Scuba Confidential represents a part of what he has learned from thirty years of diving and twenty years of teaching and writing about the sport. He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia and can be contacted through

The translators

Beatrice Rivoira: she Born in Turin, class of 1986, she obtained her first patent at 16 and in 2011 she obtained a master's degree in Marine and Oceanographic Biology at the Polytechnic University of Marche. The summer seasons at the diving centers and the personal training courses during the winter lead her to obtain the level of instructor and to begin her journey in the world of technical diving and rebreather.

Nadir Quarta: Born and raised on Lake Maggiore, in his more than twenty years of experience he had the opportunity to immerse himself in half the world. He has contributed to the drafting of various didactic manuals and for diving equipment and for some years he founded the ZeroEmissions school with which he carries out the education of open circuit divers and rebreather.

368 pages

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