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Zips have only two functions: open and close. That's it.

Make sure the zippers on your high-tech gear are doing their job with McNett's Zip Tech ™.

This high-performance lubricant works on the waterproof zippers of wetsuits, dry suits and more.

In addition, Zip Tech protects against salt, chlorine, rust and corrosion and repels dirt, sand and organic residues, so the zips last much longer.

When faced with a stuck zipper, count on Zip Tech's easy-to-use, non-waxed formula to unlock it quickly.

High-performance zipper lubricant for watertight and & nbsp; airtight zippers

Protects from rust, corrosion, chlorine and salt at all temperatures

Provides UV protection for nylon and plastic zippers

Non-toxic and biodegradable

Repels dirt, sand and organic residues

Contains no silicone or paraffin

For best results, clean with Zip Care.

Clean the zipper thoroughly, removing all sand, dirt and other debris.

Open the zipper and apply Zip Tech sparingly only on the outer teeth of the zipper.

To distribute the lubricant accurately, close and open the zipper carefully.

Repeat the process until the zipper moves freely.

Eliminate the excess.

To extend the life of the zip, reapply Zip Tech periodically and before extended storage periods.

Keep the freshly treated zippers away from direct contact with sand and dirt.

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